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    Are you contemplating a name change? Your name is an important part of your identity whether you are an adult or seeking to change the name of a minor. There are many reasons that exist as to why someone may want to change their name including but not limited to the following: divorce, marriage, religious beliefs, finding a name that matches your true gender, adoption, etc. At Ciarrocchi Law, our experience makes the process easy. Our seasoned attorneys will guide you through all the necessary legal procedures to ensure your compliance with the law. Reach out to our office today online or by telephone at 610-502-3300 to consult with an experienced Delaware County, Pennsylvania to assist with your name change.




    People may decide to change their names for various reasons, the most common being marriage and divorce. Other reasons can include:


    - Association with a foreign nationality

    - Religious reasons

    - Gender reassignment

    - Changing a child’s name post-adoption

    - Desire to share a surname with a partner

    - Restoring a family name that was altered or shortened in the past

    - Disliking their current name


    Arrange a Free Consultation with an Experienced Name Change Attorney in Delaware County. We are conveniently located in Media, PA and also offer telephone consultations if you are unable to visit our office.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Name Changes

    Do I Need to Go to Court to Legally Change My Name?

    Yes, a petition must be prepared and filed with the Court attaching the appropriate documents i.e. background check, fingerprint card, etc. After filing the required documents with the Court of Common Pleas, you will receive a notice for a hearing date. At this hearing, any objections to the name change can be presented. If the court approves the name change, it will become legal once the Order is signed by the judge.


    Civil Name Change Lawyer in Media, PA

    In addition to our expertise in guiding clients through the name change process, Ciarrocchi Law offers a wide range of other legal services. We understand that family law concerns are often interconnected and sensitive, requiring comprehensive support. Whether you're seeking assistance with divorce mediation, divorce proceedings, child support, spousal support, property division, or adoption, our dedicated team is ready to provide the legal advice and representation you need. We are committed to serving our clients with compassion, understanding, and a deep knowledge of Pennsylvania family law. Contact our office today for a consultation on any of these matters and allow our experienced attorneys to help you navigate the complexities of family law.


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