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    Your Rights Amid Marijuana Charges in Pennsylvania

    Marijuana remains a controlled substance in Pennsylvania unless you are among the select few who possess a state-approved medical marijuana card. However, despite the progressive movements in cities like Philadelphia, Upper Darby, and Lancaster to decriminalize cannabis, it's vital to understand that decriminalization is not synonymous with full legalization. Being caught with a mere 30 grams or less of marijuana or under 8 grams of hashish can still lead to legal ramifications. Anyone navigating these waters would be wise to consult with a marijuana lawyer.

    While certain regions have relaxed their stance, numerous localities in Pennsylvania still enforce stringent penalties for even minimal marijuana possession. Some of these penalties can include up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $500. As these legal landscapes shift and change, the guidance of a marijuana lawyer can be invaluable in understanding and confronting Pennsylvania's marijuana regulations.

    An Accusation Does Not Define Your Outcome

    Being accused doesn't necessarily result in a conviction. If you're entangled in a marijuana-related case, connect with Ciarrocchi Law. Stephen R. Ciarrocchi, Esquire offers a compassionate yet robust defense for those facing marijuana charges.

    With expertise and dedication, our firm strives to mitigate the adverse impacts of such accusations. Whether you're a first-time offender or have previous interactions with the legal system, there are pathways like the ARD Program designed to support and rehabilitate rather than just penalize.

    Want to discuss your case? Reach out to Ciarrocchi Law for a no-obligation legal assessment. Our legacy is built on advocating for our clients' rights and delivering favorable outcomes. Contact us at 610-502-3300.

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    Potential Penalties: Understanding the Implications in Pennsylvania

    The repercussions of a marijuana conviction fluctuate based on your specific location due to the various local decriminalization ordinances. However, according to Pennsylvania's overarching law:

    - First Offense: Less than 30 grams of marijuana can result in up to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, a misdemeanor, and a six-month license suspension.

    - Exceeding 30 grams: Penalties elevate to a year in jail, a $5,000 fine, a misdemeanor record, and a similar six-month license suspension.

    Subsequent offenses and charges related to marijuana paraphernalia or distribution carry more severe penalties, highlighting the need for seasoned legal representation.

    Decriminalization Progress in Delaware County

    While decriminalization initiatives gain momentum in Delaware County, only a couple of cities have officially adopted these policies as of October 6, 2020. These measures primarily give law enforcement the discretion to impose civil fines rather than pursue arrests for minor offenses, although specific regulations vary by city.

    However, be advised: even within these progressive jurisdictions, authorities maintain full discretion, particularly near sensitive zones like schools or libraries.

    Facing charges in Delaware County or elsewhere in Pennsylvania?* Equip yourself with Stephen R. Ciarrocchi's expertise. Call Ciarrocchi Law at 610-502-3300

    Ciarrocchi Law: Your Pillar of Strength Against Marijuana Charges

    The ramifications of a drug charge, especially marijuana-related, extend beyond mere legal consequences. Such an accusation can impact one's employment, educational aspirations, housing opportunities, and more. At Ciarrocchi Law, we understand the gravity of the situation and work tenaciously to defend our clients.

    Stephen R. Ciarrocchi's profound legal knowledge ensures a meticulous review of your case details, seeking any discrepancies or violations that could turn the tide in your favor. Furthermore, he is well-versed in alternative programs, offering respite to first-time offenders.

    Moreover, Pennsylvania now presents an opportunity for those with previous non-violent marijuana convictions to seek pardons. Let Ciarrocchi Law guide you through the intricacies of this process.

    Stand strong with Ciarrocchi Law by your side. When facing marijuana charges in Pennsylvania, let our expertise be your shield. For an in-depth legal consultation, reach Stephen R. Ciarrocchi at 610-502-3300

    Some Clients Also Asked:

    What are the marijuana laws in Pennsylvania?

    In Pennsylvania, marijuana is considered a controlled substance. Possession, sale, and distribution are subject to various penalties depending on the amount and intent. However, the state has made provisions for medical marijuana, allowing individuals with a state-issued medical marijuana card to possess and use it under specific regulations.

    Is marijuana a felony in Pennsylvania?

    Possession of marijuana can be either a misdemeanor or a felony in Pennsylvania, depending on the amount and the circumstances. For instance, possession of more than 30 grams with the intent to distribute can be classified as a felony, especially if it involves selling to minors or near schools.

    What happens if you are caught with marijuana in Pennsylvania?

    If you're caught with marijuana in Pennsylvania, the consequences depend on the amount in your possession and any prior convictions. For instance:

    • - Less than 30 grams for personal use might result in up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.
    • - More than 30 grams can lead to more severe penalties, including potential felony charges.

    Is PA a zero tolerance law for marijuana?

    Pennsylvania is not a zero-tolerance state when it comes to marijuana possession for personal use, especially if it's less than 30 grams. However, driving under the influence of marijuana is treated with zero tolerance, and any detectable amount in a driver's system can lead to DUI charges.

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    Does Penn State have a medical marijuana policy?

    Yes, Penn State has policies related to medical marijuana, given its legalization for medicinal purposes in Pennsylvania. However, despite state law, the use and possession of marijuana remain prohibited on any Penn State property and during university events because universities must comply with federal laws, which still classify marijuana as an illegal substance. Students and employees who are registered medical marijuana patients should consult with university officials or human resources to understand the specifics of the policy and any accommodations.

    Contact the Delaware County Marijuana Defense Experts at Ciarrocchi Law

    In your time of need, don't settle for any legal representation; trust the expertise and dedication of Delaware County's own, Stephen R. Ciarrocchi, Esquire, the heart and soul of Ciarrocchi Law. As a Delaware County native, Stephen's commitment to excellence is unwavering. From being an honor graduate from Garnet Valley High School, a proud alumnus of the distinguished Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University majoring in Finance, to working with EY - one of the world's Big Four accounting firms - Stephen's foundational knowledge in finance equips him to simplify and articulate the most complex financial situations for his clients.

    Recognizing his deep-rooted passion for law, Stephen honed his skills at the Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law, one of the nation's premier trial schools. His legal journey saw him managing diverse cases, from DUIs to attempted homicide, both in the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office and the Major Felony Unit of the Delaware County Public Defender’s Office. In both roles, Stephen secured remarkable outcomes for clients, from Not Guilty verdicts to effectively leveraging pre-trial motions.

    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Stephen's personal touch distinguishes Ciarrocchi Law. Every case is personal to him, and he dedicates himself fully to achieving the best possible outcomes. Residing in Delaware County with his cherished family, Stephen is not just a fierce lawyer but also a devoted family man and an ardent supporter of Philadelphia sports.

    For unmatched legal representation, especially in the realm of marijuana defense, rely on Ciarrocchi Law. To discuss your case with Stephen directly and benefit from his vast experience, reach out at 610- 502-3300. Your legal concerns are in the best hands.

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